Goodbye Beaches, Hello Cafecito October 12 2011

The toddler K took swimming lessons this summer, and all she could talk about for three months (besides her birthday, which is apparently every day) was swimming, swimming, and more swimming. But in a pool. When we got to Miami Beach last week I'm not sure that she remembered it from last year, because as soon as we tried to put her down to walk her feet would shoot up so that the first thing to touch the sand was her butt. Maybe she's a little like me -- I like the beach, but I much prefer watching it from a beachside pool surrounded by concrete. The thing is, I really hate sand. Weeks later you still find it in the crevices of your bags or shoes or car. Como una chismosa, metida en todo menos misa.

Still, we had fun:

And as expected, I left Miami with a **serious** cortadito addiction. I'm usually a Dunkin' Donuts coffee-kinda-gal but when I get to Miami -- the city where every restaurant and grocery store has an espresso machine and fresh orange juice squeeze machine -- the thought of regular coffee always seems so blah in my head. 

removeAs anyone could predict, I had a cortadito or two every single day of my visit. In case you're wondering what a cortadito is, it's sweetened espresso topped with s

teamed milk. Versus a cafe con leche, which is a LOT of milk, and of course, a lot of sugar. Or a colada, which is uber-sweetened espresso, or otherwise known as liquid speed.

So of course, when we got back home I had to bust out the cafetera I bought last year in Madrid. Mmmmm, homemade cortadito isn't so bad, especially when paired with crisp Fall weather.