Dia de los Muertos T-Shirt October 21 2011

A few days ago I ran across these calavera iron-on appliques as I was cruising down the sewing/crafts section at Wal-mart. I was shocked, **shocked**, when I saw them just hanging there, completely out of place at this random Wal-mart in Maryland. I probably wouldn't have been surprised if I had been in South Texas or California, but in the DC beltway? I think visitors to my house think my La Catrina dolls are Wiccan or something. Anyway, these appliques are very cute and only cost about $5 so I had to buy.

I picked out the appliques with pink in them and decided to go with a heather purple American Apparel track shirt that I got for under $10 through Amazon.com. I placed the calaveras on the front and the pink flower on the top back of the shirt (near the neckline). All I had to do was whip out the plancha and ironing board -- and it took all of two minutes to do this. Now that's what I call a project fit for me!

The appliques I bought are from a company called Next Style Fashion Art, but I can't seem to find any online. Etsy to the rescue! You can find other calavera appliques here.