A New Frontier for Dos Borreguitas November 16 2011

I started this blog over a year ago just after my baby girl turned one, and with the intention of sharing my hunt for cool, nostalgic, kitschy, iconic and hip Latino children’s products. Along the way I've found some really awesome T-shirts and dolls, great music and kids shows, sweet vestiditos, excellent Spanish or bilingual books and more. But the truth is, these products are few and far between or just not so easy to come by unless you have the money or time to be an adventurous traveler.

There are just so many things that inspire me about our culture that I want to share with my child. Since I've been writing, I've had a ton of ideas for kids' shirts and other cool Latino-ish products. Eventually, I started keeping a list of my ideas, which kept growing and growing and is still growing. And a few months ago, I finally decided to take the leap and turn my fun ideas into a reality. So the news ... next week DosBorreguitas.com will be turning into an online shop where, for starters, I'll be selling T-shirts and onesies that are Latino/bilingual-inspired. Or as I say, this is "Spanglish Style for Kids."

I'm totally stoked about doing this. I can truly say this is a family business, as my daughter has been right by my side through each step of this process, literally. I wouldn't have it any other way.

If you like what you see please help spread the word to other comadres and compadres. I'll be posting special offers on Facebook, and for starters I'll have free shipping during the holiday season. And of course, if you have ideas for something you'd love to see on a shirt, let me know. I'll be starting out small -- and for now I just have two designs in a few colors and sizes. But I have a few others already on the way so I expect to expand quickly. So excited!

Oh, and of course, the blog will still be a part of DosBorreguitas.com and will be a place where I can share cool finds or just write about raising my little girl with Spanglish style.