Christmas is Not an Extension of Halloween November 26 2011

How do I explain to my toddler what Christmas is really about? Last year, she was 17 months, so it didn't matter much. She liked the sparkles and the lights and playing with wrapping paper. But this year she is just bursting with curiosity and she loves a good pachanga, especially birthdays. And that's where all this confusion started, with her 2nd birthday party back in July, when I think we created a little monster. Since then, every time she hears the word birthday she wants to claim it all for herself, especially the cake part. 

Birthdays make kids happy, so leave it to abuela to indulge her princesita and throw her a full-blown birthday party two months after her actual birthday, when we visited Miami. Of course, I didn't protest since she got her my favorite cake in the world, made by a Nicaraguan lady who owns a bakery in Miami. It is seriously better than anything made by Sprinkles or any fancy cupcakery. I would kill for this cake. 

So I let the second birthday party slide. Then I didn't really make a big deal when she claimed her great-grandmother's 89th birthday as her own, either. Last week was her father's birthday, and this time she actually shared the day, telling me, "It's papa's birthday AND my birthday." Progress.

Anyway, so now we're at Christmas time, and it seems that she thinks all these events and holidays are one big fiesta. She was thrilled about Halloween, although she really didn't understand what we kept telling her we were going to do 'til we actually went from house to house. And she called that exciting adventure a 'pick-o-peet birthday party' at first. Other kids and candy, hmmmm, can you blame her? Only difference here is that everyone is dressed in a costume. Kind of like Santa! Oh yeah, so he's doing Halloween, too, right. And that Frosty and the elves and that lady and man on a burro. So anyway, that's how we went from birthday to Christmas in one fell (and muddled) swoop. Looks like mama's got some 'splaining to do. 

If I can't explain something right, I'll just have to rely on a children's book to help me out. Time to dust off 'The Night Before Christmas' and hit the library for other Christmas theme books. If you have any favorites let me know.