Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is Up November 27 2011

We decided to go "green" again this year and spare the life of a Christmas tree by putting up our little artificial one. Well, it's not so little. It's medium-sized, I'd say. But it fits perfectly into our smaller (than in Texas, for sure) Northeast-style house. The toddler reveled in all the decorations and re-arranged about half of the ones I hung up. I knew this would happen, which is why I bought new toddler-proof decorations two years ago from IKEA. Dog-proof, not so much. I'm just waiting for the tree to topple over within the next few weeks.

I still haven't heard my favorite Spanish Christmas song yet this season. Con mi burrito sabanero voy camino de Belen! The toddler K's favorite is the 1950's classic Mamacita, donde esta Santa Claus? I've got it on a Christmas mix CD (yeah baby, blast from the past! and the only CD player I have is in the car) and we've been listening to it since Halloween. It's that damned snow that fell at the end of October. Confused me and my holidays.