Take the Bean Poll: Pinto, Rojo o Negro? December 03 2011


For years I've undulated between being vegetarian and, er, regular? I do care about the animals, but the truth of the matter about me and meat is that I just don't like cooking it. I don't like taking it out of packages, handling it, marinating, none of that. But beans, beans ARE like a main dish. And in our house, we are serious about our frijoles, and these three above -- pinto, small red beans (the Central American type) and black beans -- are staples in my cupboard and have been for a while now. Sometimes I take the time to cook beans from the bag. Nowadays, that's not too often. 

I grew up just knowing pinto beans, as that's what we ate in South Texas. We'd eat them a la charra, borracho, de olla (or de la school cafeteria), or refried and topped with yellow cheese and inside a warm, homemade flour tortilla. To this day, pinto beans are still my favorites. But the thing is, we're a split household. My husband's family is from Central America, and to them, everyday beans are the small red ones. I've grown to love this bean, too, especially when it's made into gallo pinto, which is a red beans and rice mix. No, doesn't have gallo in it. It's called that because of it's coloring, like a painted rooster. For the love of my husband, I've learned to make gallo pinto, or at least an okay version of it. And well, both my husband and I eat frijoles negros because they're just plain good. He grew up in Miami and is also Cuban by default, so it's like his adopted bean. I like to pair them with ropa vieja (one of the few, on-occasion meat dishes I cook). 

The toddler K isn't much of a meat eater so far. I think she's just hard-wired to love her frijoles. But the question is, which will be her favorite? Which is your favorite -- take the survey below.

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