Chopsticks, Please December 06 2011



We usually eat at home for lunch, but my stomach was rumbling when we were out and the child had it on repeat asking for chocolate cake, chocolate cake, chocolate cake -- an obsession since I bought one for my husband's birthday two weeks ago. She really just means frosting. Or frosting-like substances like Nutella.

So we went to Whole Foods and I got her a chocolate cupcake, got myself some sushi, and some noodles for her. She ate the cupcake first, por supuesto, then put down her fork and asked for chopsticks. She saw me eating with them and she wanted in. She always does this when we eat at Noodles & Company.

So I gave her a pair, and lo and behold, my finicky child ate! You have to play Jedi Mind Tricks as a parent sometimes to get your way.