'Tis the Season for Pan de Polvo December 13 2011

There are several foods I always equate with the holidays. Tamales are one. And pan de polvo, or Mexican wedding cookies coated in a cinammon sugar mix, are another. Yes, they're eaten at weddings, but also during Christmas-time.

I decided to make a few dozen this year, and I used Eva Longoria's recipe because I couldn't find my grandmother's. In my head, I can see it clearly written on a paper plate (which is where she seemed to jot down all her recetas). But since Eva Longoria is from South Texas, and so am I, originally, I figured her recipe had to be close to the real thing.

EL's version turned out pretty good, but the only thing I might tweak is not adding the baking powder, or using less of it, because that made them a bit more cookie-ish than crumbly, which is how I'm used to having them. Of course, I had to use my favorite vanilla in the world, La Vencedora. This bottle will last for years! I got this one in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

I even let my little girl shape a few galletitas. And she happilly taste-tested. Or at least, she did a good job of licking off all the sugar/cinammon and leaving the rest of the galleta.