The In-Between Week December 27 2011

A lot of folks are off of work for the holidays. Or as I always like to say, work is what you do in between vacations. I have to say, hands down, this has been our most active Christmas holiday season in a loooong time. I am really tired, but it's not over yet. And my child is officially a parrandera of the highest caliber. With all the Christmas songs she's heard over the past month, her singing has really blossomed. On Christmas afternoon, my mom took out her karaoke machine and we had a blast singing Christmas songs. The toddler's favorites were Jingle Bells (simple for a chiquito) and Feliz Navidad. And mine, of course, was Last Christmas.

As we near 2012 I'm sure everyone is thinking about what changes they want to make in their lives. For me, it's more about goals than resolutions. And one of them is to really grow this online store. I can't wait for next month to get moving!!! As always, if there's any product you'd like to see us carry shoot us an email or a Facebook message. We're always happy to hear from you.

Enjoy the last week of 2011!