Learning Español with Loteria January 04 2012


The game of Loteria, which is essentially Spanish bingo based on pictures of everyday things, has always been a great way to learn Spanish. It's always a staple in Spanish classes as a fun way to grow vocabulary. And it's fun to play at home with friends and family. A few weeks ago I left a few tablas lying around the house and my toddler picked them up and has been hoarding them in her little junk stash (that's what I call it as it includes a wooden toy hamburger meat, a toy doll's bib, stickers, etc.). Every once in a while, she'll bring me the tabla and ask, "What's that?" Of course, she's usually pointing to 'La Muerte' which is a scary looking calavera and a sickle. I just re-direct her to things like 'La Escalera' or 'El Melon' or 'El Venado.'