Pedro Infante Paper Dolls January 15 2012

My mother always tells me stories of her and her sisters as girls, playing for hours on end with their paper dolls. She says they used to scrimp and save their allowance, and when they'd make the trek with their parents to the Woolworth or Kress in downtown Laredo, they'd rush to the paper dolls to buy a new booklet. I also had a few sets of paper dolls as a girl and I can actually still imagine what they looked like, which is remarkable because that was aaaaaages ago. Fond memories, sniff. 

Playing with paper dolls is nearly a lost tradition, which is a shame. There's stiff competition for a kids' attention nowadays: the Nintendo DC, the iPad and 24-7 kids' shows on-demand (which are sometimes a God-send, but I digress). But I have to say, I've let my little girl play with paper dolls (okay, the magnetic Frida dolls, but she doesn't keep them on the frig) and she spent nearly two hours playing make-believe with them. Seriously, she loved them. I could not drag her away.

 The first time I saw these Pedro Infante dolls I knew we had to have them at Dos Borreguitas. Now, I definitely didn't grow up watching **heartbreaker** Pedro Infante because he pre-dates me and even my mom, but his name is just one of those you grew up knowing, like Zapata, Villa, Cantinflas, etc. This book of paper dolls is written in Spanish, and is an awesome re-cap of the Mexican film star's career -- so it's a great way to learn about his legendary career. Next to each outfit is a summary of a movie he starred in. I love the silver-studded charro outfits the best. Makes me wanna throw a grito!