Diego Rivera's Industry Murals: Cards for Kids to Color January 16 2012

Diego Rivera, love him or loathe him (Team Frida Kahlo), but the man painted some damned good murals. This set of 10 assorted cards and envelopes feature the ready-to-color works of the Mexican artist. The cards are taken from Rivera's Detroit Industry, murals which he painted between 1932 and 1933, and which he considered the most successful of his career. The cards depict workers in Detroit's auto industry, along with several other industries in the city at the time.

I've always admired this mural and hope to see it one day in person. Like all art, I'm sure it's just stunning when seen en vivo. Each of the five designs included in this packet has a short description of the work, and pose a question to get children thinking about the art. Perfect for elementary and middle school-age children.

Each card is a Z-fold format, and unfolds to 7" x 15" for three times the coloring fun. Also comes with a four-pack of crayons, which to me, makes this perfect to take-along on a long airplane ride. I'm all for anything that keeps my kid from kicking, screaming or being bored on airplanes.