MTV Tr3s' The Abuela Show Is Like Me and the Husband January 22 2012

The husband and I are talkers. What I mean to say is that, we are those people who talk over movies, TV shows, other people. Or rather, we're commenters, reactors, chismosos, platicators (my own made-up false cognate, which I use so often I've forgotten it's not a real word!). We're like the longest going ping pong match, back-and-forth, back-and-forth. And it's only gotten worse since we had a kid. I'm like this platicatious cave woman when I go to the movies now. I'm so used to having full-on conversations about what we're watching on TV that when we get the chance to go to a real movie theatre, I find myself constantly leaning over to whisper. I can't control myself. I've gotta let it out! I love community viewing experiences :)

And that's probably why I love 'The Abuela Show' on MTV Tr3s. Because it's totally what we're like when watching television, except that this show has two abuelas, Abuela Nina and Abuela Editla. And guess what, Abuela Nina is the same abuela from the viral video Shit Abuelas Say! Guess she was ahead of the meme, and she's been dishing out her chisme for a few years now at least. So on the show, these abuelas are like real-life abuelas and tias who have a comment for everything and everyone. Specifically, they're make comments about music videos, sort of like Beavis and Butthead used to do back in the day. Here's a few things they had to say:

On Shakira's Lobo video: Yo no dejaria mi esposo cerca de Shakira.

On Lady Gaga: Tiene los ojos grandes. Y esa cosa rara que tiene puesta. Mira, mira esos tacones torcidos. Yo no se como se puede mover y no se cae.

On a song by Tyler, the Creator: Como dices que se llama, Tylenol?

On a song by Calle 13: Uh, the whole chisme back story on this guy's life.

Maybe my husband and I can get out own show on MTV Tr3s. We'll call it, "The Platicators," and we'll basically talk smack about everything and anything. Or maybe Oprah will give us a show. Yeah, Oprah, my number is listed in the Contact Us section. We totally got this!