When a Flor isn't just a Flor (it's a Rosa, Tulipan, Jacinto, Peonia) January 25 2012


I literally went on a binge for baby books in Spanish last year when we visited Madrid, Spain. One of my picks was not quite a baby book, but given that my Spanglish is probably better than my Spanish, I figured it would come in handy as my daughter grew up -- for both me and her. It's the Album Larousse de la Naturaleza and it's a nature book with pictures of fruit, vegetables, trees, flowers, birds, plants, insects and more -- plus, the word for it in Spanish.  

Some of the words in here:

abeja = bee

saltamontes = grasshopper

luciérnaga = firefly or lightning bug

frambuesa = raspberry

petirrojo = robin

gorrión = sparrow

coliflór = cauliflower

alcachofa = artichoke

I love this little book because it will help build both mine and my daughter's specialized vocabulary in Spanish. I mean, it's pretty easy for us to teach kids about the different fruits and vegetables they eat because it's something they are around every single day. But what about flowers? Just as flower just isn't a flower, a flor isn't just a flor. It's a rosa, tulipan, jacinto, geranio, peonia, margarita, lavanda, hibisco and amapola. Now that my daughter is a full-fledged non-stop talker, I'm really into building up that specialized vocabulary, especially because I've found that I don't even know all of my flowers and trees (elm, oak, magnolia, pine, mango, olive, banana -- soooo many trees!!! thank goodness for the arboretum).

I actually never really thought too much about my own specialized vocabulary until my husband and I got married and bought a home and decided to plant flowers. And then a bird family decided to move into our porch. What kind is it? That's a question this book will help me answer, en español, for my daughter.