Taqueria Picture Menu: They All Look The Same January 27 2012


We went out as a family tonight to get tacos. It was a new spot that some friends recommended. It was totally in the boonies on some narrow, hidden street, so we figured it must be good. When we got there, the parking lot was full. No, it must be awesome.

And then we walked in, and the first thing I see is this huge lighted picture menu that shows the different kinds of tacos they sell. Similar to the picture menus that are ubiquitous at Chinese carry-out places. But with this one, well, take a look at the photo above.  I wanted to die laughing when I saw it, because every single picture looked exactly the same. Well, a little texturing difference in the meat, but to the uninitiated? It totally reminded me of that moment in the movie Lost in Translation when Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray are at a Japanese restaurant looking at a menu, and one of them says just that, that they all look exactly the same. Man, I love that movie.

So anyway, with this menu, I guarantee that a newbie woud not be so happy with a taco de lengua. Or taco de cachete. Or de cabeza.  I'd bet money on it. Even I can only stomach so much, and I do consider myself an adventurous eater.

We ordered our usual, tacos de pastor and carnitas. And they were delicious, perfect with cilantro and onion on top and a squirt of lime. The salsas were pretty picosos and tasty too, especially the chipotle one. Which, even after washing my hands five times, I was reminded of as I took off my contact lenses tonight. I'll never learn my lesson.