Besitos means Kisses for Valentine's Day February 13 2012


Feliz Dia de San Valentin! The toddler K and I had fun last week baking a slew of cookies to send to all her abuelas (four in all!) and her tias and grand-tias. That was a whooooole heck of a lot of baking and decorating, and it included lots of colored sugar and sprinkles because for some reason, they made the toddler K giddy. I think I'll be sweeping up pink sugar for the next few weeks.

Before I go any further, let me just be clear: This is NOT how I normally roll. I have way too many crafting supplies and Wilton products in my cupboard, but I only only dare to put them to use every few months. Still, I couldn't resist delving in when I saw these  adorable Martha Stewart custom treat packages filled with Hershey's kisses. I had to make my own. Simple enough. Just took a picture of the toddler, did a little Photoshop magic and voila! Then, I went along with the hugs and kisses, xoxo, besos y abrazos theme and took these printables from Falala Designs and mod podged them to a pretty pink tin box. It was filling those tins with our homemade fudge and sugar, peanut butter, and chocolate mint cookies that took work. Can you see my tongue hanging out and the frosting in my hair? Curse Pinterest for inspiring me to go in over my head!!!

Anyway, mailed our Besos y Abrazos theme packages off last week, so I've been done, and I mean DONE, with Valentine's Day for a few days now already. Now, about February 14, well, the husband, toddler and I are going to do the same thing we do every other day of the year. Have some good food (which I am not cooking and not paying an arm and a leg for) and enjoy each other's company. Oh, and lots of besitos. It's better when you spread the love year-round.