Coats are Out, Lucha Libre Hoodies In March 08 2012


Time to put away our heavy coats and bust out our hoodies. Aw, I love hoodies. So soft, so comfy. I got this uber-cute Tea Collection hoodie for the toddler recently. I was going to save it for next year but nah, I couldn't wait for her to use it. It says Lucha Libre Wrestling. Yeah, it's a boy hoodie, but who says Lucha is only for boys, anyway? This one will pair perfectly with our new design that's coming out next week, Lucha Libros. It's a fun design that plays on the words lucha libre. Can't wait!

This winter wasn't too bad, so I really can't complain. And with the store and the toddler, January and February just flew by. So here we are in March, on the verge of the beautiful, spectacular spring that Washington, DC always delivers. There are just so many little details of spring that happen here that just aren't the same in the Southwest. Like tulips of all colors everywhere. And daffodil's growing on the side of the road. And pink and white and red blooms on trees, everywhere. The scent of magnolia trees gently filling the evening breeze. And then there's the week when the Cherry Blossom trees come to life along the Tidal Basin. Lovely. It's hard not to be happy in spring. Anticipating it makes the winter bearable.