Callejeros: A T-shirt for Kids on the Go March 09 2012

Another one of our Latino T-shirts we'll be unveiling next week is Callejeros, and it depicts three perritos on-the-go. In my family, we are definitely callejeros, and like to go out a lot and travel as much as we can. You could also say we have 'patas de perro' or that we're 'andariegos.' In South Texas, we also use the word 'jacalero' which I read somewhere (not on web, apparently, because I can't find a definition anywhere) was used to describe someone who loved to visit house to house, or go from jacal to jacal.  A jacal is a house made from adobe. 

We thought this children's t-shirt in Spanish would be much-appreciated by those who are as on-the-go as we are. Any other words you use to describe someone who is always out and about?