Latino T-shirts for Kids Spring Collection March 14 2012

We've been saying for the past two months that our new shirts are coming. They're coming. They're coming. No more. They're HERE! Our four new designs are Callejeros, Chicle, Piñata Party and Lucha Libros. They're available in baby and toddler sizes as infant creepers and toddler t-shirts. 

We hope you enjoy these cool infant onesies and T-shirts as much as we enjoyed creating them. They're clever, funny and cute all rolled into one. And I like to say that they're 'talkers' meaning that they have a back story to them, which makes them a wonderful way to teach kids Spanish and about Latino culture, too.

The onesies make great baby gifts for expecting moms, both Latinas and honorary Latinas alike. And the T-shirts also make great regalitos in Spanish. 

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We appreciate all the support and are already looking ahead to our next round of designs for the summer!!