How to Make Cascarones, or Confetti-Filled Easter Eggs March 22 2012

Last year I wrote about how much I loved cascarones because they remind me of home and growing up in South Texas. But mostly, I like these confetti-filled eggs because they make this or any other holiday or celebration a million times more festive and fun. To me, cascarones equals laughter, and that's what brings so much joy in life.

My mom and I have been diligent about saving our egg shells for the past few months. Use white eggs, not brown eggs as those don't dye well. To make the hole, just tap gently on the top end of the egg when breaking it to let it out. The hole can be about an inch in diameter or so. Just wash and rinse the empty egg shell well and set aside until you've accumulated a decent amount. Yesterday my mom, my daughter and I finally got around to making a few dozen cascarones. I remembered to photograph so that I could write-up a how-to blog post. 

Really, these are not difficult to make and my daughter loved the dyeing part. They do take a little time but, I just think that the whole process is fun, from making to breaking. Yeah, especially the breaking part.

So here are cascarones in four easy steps!

Step 1: Dye the Empty Egg Shells

We dyed some with non-toxic child-friendly spray paint, and colored the rest with Paas Easter egg dyes. Let them dry before filling with confetti.

Step 2: Fill with Confetti

Step 3: Seal Top of Egg with Tissue Paper

Cut circles of tissue paper big enough to fit just over the open hole of the egg. To affix them to the egg, you want to either use glue or make a homemade glue by mixing some flour and water until it's the consistency of glue (not too runny). That's what we use. Then we just brush it around the edge of the egg shell hole and push the tissue down to make sure there's no way for the confetti to escape.

Step 4: Save for the Easter Egg Hunt, or Make a Gift Bag to Give to Guests

We just thought these would also make great Easter celebration favors for guests who come over to your home. Just get some clear bags, fill the bottom with colorful crinkled paper or Easter grass, put in a half dozen eggs, slap a label or sticker on them, tie it up with a nice ribbon and voila, you've got an Easter your guests will never forget!