Horchatita for the Kiddos March 23 2012


Spring is here and we've been spending a lot of our afternoons outside - going to the playground, gardening or just hanging out on the porch. I'm an afternoon iced coffee drinker, so I like to sit on my rocking chair on the porch and relax with my cafecito. I found something at the grocery store today that I can give to K to enjoy on our porch-sitting afternoon: Horchatita! That means little horchata, which is a cinammon rice beverage that is just heavenly. I try to just drink it on occasion, otherwise I'd be drowning myself in the stuff every day. I usually don't buy juice boxes for the toddler, but opt for just filling up her sippy cups with milk, water or juice. But these are a special treat, and a good way to introduce her to the world of horchatas. And a good way to cool down as we welcome the warm afternoons.

I've never attempted to make homemade horchata, but this Horchata de Pl√°tano recipe from Nibbles and Feasts blog looks easy enough, and delicious with the banana twist. I've got everything I need to make it, so gonna attempt this weekend. Can't wait to try it!