Calling All Mamás-To-Be: MTV Tr3s Wants YOU!!! March 26 2012

If you're like me, you've inevitably gotten sucked into the black hole of MTV or MTV Tr3s shows and spent an entire weekend afternoon  watching back-to-back-to-back-to-back episodes of Quiero Mis Quinces, Quiero Mi Boda, Teen Mom, The Abuela Show or Jersey Shore. I got a call and email today from MTV Tr3s (the Spanglish version of MTV) casting about a new show that is premiering next month called Quiero Mi Baby. They are looking for a cross-cultural couple (where one partner is Latino, one is not) who is expecting its first child or who has just had its first baby recently. They want to share your story!

When I first read this, my first thought turned to the high drama of Teen Mom and even Bridezilla. While stats show Latina moms tend to be younger, I know a lot of Latina women, myself included, who waited until they were more established their first child. I also know Latina moms who were younger when they had their first child and are now doing well: education, career, house and home included. My only point here is is to say that Latina moms come in all ages, from all backgrounds and relationship statuses, and I'd love to see that representation on this show, and on television in general. The casting director, Khadine Clarke, said they were in fact looking for more established couples, preferably engaged or married. I'd love to see Latino and bi-cultural families represented in a positive light, and for the show to focus on how our culture, language and family are a centerpiece in many of our lives. I think it's the little nuances in our hybrid lives that makes things interesting and enriching. I mean, that's the idea behind Dos Borreguitas, after all -- to celebrate the two sides in all of us, the black and white sheep, the fútbol and football aficionado, the bilingual and bicultural American-Latino.

I know there's some great candidates out there. I've heard from soooooo many amazing Latina and honorary Latina (married to a Latino) moms through my blog and shop and I know some of you would make us proud (and laugh and cry). If you're interested, the casting coordinator, Khadine Clarke, has asked that you contact her directly at to speed things up. Buena suerte!! 

Do you have any thoughts on what you'd like to see on Quiero Mi Baby? Are you in a mixed-culture family? Share your story with us here or on Facebook.


Khadine Clarke

Casting Coordinator| MTV Tr3s