Tienes un Chicle Pegado? April 02 2012

We've been getting lots of awesome feedback about our T-shirt in Spanish that says Chicle: Pegado a Mamá. The translation is Gum: Stuck on Mom. It's a happy pink stick of gum holding the hand of her little chiclet (or Canel's chicletito). 

For Latinos, to say someone is a chicle in Spanish is an affectionate way of calling someone a tag-along. As in the case of a little brother wanting to always hang out with his older brother and his friends. He's a chicle. In the case of babies and toddlers, it's literally stuck on mama's hip. But I've got to admit, I think it goes both ways. I might be getting more stuck to my little K. I stay at home with my daughter and every day I grow more and more attached to her. Maybe it's because I know that next Fall she'll be starting pre-school and I feel that since so much time will be spent in school, "our time" will be over. On the flip side, the older I get the more I've learned to really appreciate living in the present and savoring each day. And yup, when you have a small child a lot of that daily stuff if mundane. Meals, bath, playing, reading, bedtime, repeat. But by knowing it'll be gone in the blink of an eye, I can actually enjoy doing the small stuff. I know one day I'll wish I could just play and read with her and hug her as often as I do.

I've talked to a lot of customers who were looking for something unique and different to give as baby shower gift and ended up buying this fun Latino baby onesie. It's actually pretty spot-on for baby-wearing moms, or soon-to-be moms. Of course, I can attest that toddler-wearing is also fashionable, if not a little arm- and back-breaking :/