Dos Borreguitas Featured In Associated Press Article on Cascarones April 09 2012

We were beyond thrilled to get a call a few weeks ago from Associated Press reporter Jennifer Forker who was working on an Easter story about cascarones. She had read our blog posts about this awesome tradition of breaking confetti-filled eggs on people's heads during Easter, and wanted to chat a little about the tradition and how to make them. We had a great convo and afterwards I also sent her the pictures that ended up running alongside the story (Cascarones: Latin American tradition of confetti-filled eggs expands in US), including this one above of my daughter K playing with cascarones. That photo ended up running in the Sydney Morning Herald -- cool! I just think cascarones are one of the greatest things since sliced cake, so I'm glad the story got picked up by quite a few newspapers across the country. This is one tradition that will hopefully become as American during Easter as Peeps.

Jennifer spoke to us, and also with two of our favorite sites, SpanglishBaby and Tikitikiblog. Here's what we had to say:

Cynthia Leonor Garza’s family brings out the cascarones at weddings, graduations and anytime there’s a celebration.
“I have an aunt who’s notorious for carrying cascarones in her purse for graduations,” Garza says. “You look at my high school graduation pictures and there’s confetti all over my head because somebody cracked one over me.”
Garza lives in Washington, D.C., where she runs an online shop of Latino-inspired children’s clothes and toys, but she grew up in South Texas. Garza recalls crossing the border to Mexico to pick up a massive bag of 10 dozen cascarones.
“I grew up an hour from the border,” recalls Garza. “You’d haul that huge bag back with you home. You can imagine the big party you’d have with those cascarones.”
It’s that annual border crossing with her mother that Garza treasures most.
“I think of that every time this time of year rolls around,” she says. Meanwhile, “the (egg) breaking is one big blur.”

And here's a few of the papers that ran the story:

Side note: We had a BLAST this Easter Sunday with our stash of cascarones. Tons of laughs, tons of smiles, tons of surprises and tons of confetti in every single crevice of your backyard and inside your clothes and hair. Love it.