Piñata Candy, con chile o sin chile? July 20 2012


Since I bought my daughter a big lion piñata for her birthday, I had to buy a ton of candy to fill it with. Luckily, I was in Laredo where the Wal-mart store has an awesome selection of Mexican candy. And a lot of it was picoso, to my delight! Check out this massive bag. Heaven for me, not so much for the teeth. Mmmm, tamarindo, chile, limon, sugar - all mixed into one delicious sweet. Yum.

My little one, however, has not developed the taste for Mexican candy yet, and she definitely doesn't like hot candy. So I stuck to the piñata mix that had lollipops and bubble gum, including Canel's. And although I didn't buy the Skwinkles candy, I love the name, like escuincle - or little kid!

And look at what K's Tia brought her last week. I think she said a friend of her brought them to her from Peru. Chupetin Colorado lollipops, perfect for all the viejos who are still nostalgic for el Chapulin Colorado.