Cool Lucha Libre T-shirts for the Whole Family July 29 2012


Check out the pic of the husband and our little girl, who just turned 3, wearing matching Lucha Libros T-shirts. Heck yeah, dad and daughter in matching T-shirts. I'm loving it. And they were loving getting their bag of fruta con chile y limon on the streets of DC. Yup, DC streets channeling a little bit of Latin American flavor. All is good in the world :) Nothing like a bag of fruit when it's close to 100 degrees outside.

Until now, our focus has been on creating cute Latino baby creepers and toddler T-shirts. But we kept hearing the rave reviews about our Lucha Libros T-shirt, and received a lot of requests to carry this shirt in bigger sizes. So, we listened! This popular and cool lucha libre T-shirt is now available in Men's, Women's and Kids sizes S, M, L and XL. We hope to carry other shirts in the future in bigger sizes, too.

I'm so glad to see so many of our non-Latino (or shall I say non-Mexican) amigos loving this shirt. I think we have to thank Nacho Libre for letting the world know all about Mexican wrestling and luchadores. I've always had a fascination and love of lucha libre. It can be kitschy fun, just like our twist of making it Lucha Libros and having the two books wrestling it out.

The women's T-shirt has a nice fitted look. I had requests earlier from bilingual teachers and even a bilingual librarian. Yes, this would make the perfect gift for a bilingual teacher!! Or really, anyone who loves reading and thinks books are fun and cool. These shirts would also make the perfect gift for anyone having a new baby. New shirt for mom, dad and infant. Super chido.