On-the-Go with Kids Means a Few Tweaks July 30 2012

 Callejeros T-shirt from DosBorreguitas.com

The husband and I have always been on-the-go-type people. Or as we say back home in South Texas, we have pata de perro, which translates to dog's feet. At least in my hometown, where I'd say most back yards are non-fenced, dogs are frequently seen roaming the streets. They walk alone, or run with a small pack of their friends. Most are not stray dogs, but they are not homebody's either. Like us!

Having our first child three years ago didn't slow us down as much as I thought it might. Sure, you can't move through a city as quickly, and going up and down the New York subway toting a toddler and stroller and diaper and shopping bags up the stairs in hot, steamy weather is no fun. At all! But for the most part I can say I haven't felt like having a child has slowed us down much. It's just meant that we do things a little differently when we travel or head out to explore our own city. It means we avoid fancy restaurants, and go for the laid-back, but still savory, types of restaurants. And we try to eat dinner before 7, when the dinner crowds arrive. As a parent, you want to show your child the world -- after all, you are your child's first teacher -- so in truth it's actually made us better explorers. Like taking your kid to a dairy farm -- that's not exactly some place I would've visited as a non-mom, but with kids it's wonderful. And the ice cream was yum.

So yup, we're still callejeros! I love that word, which in Spanish means someone who is always in the streets, or in la calle. I love letting others know that we love being on-the-go, which is why we came up with our Callejeros T-shirt for kids and creeper for baby. Our 3-year-old has become an excellent callejera, I'm proud to report!