It's Another Baby Girl for Us! July 31 2012


... and as you can see, she's already shaking things up before she's even said "Hola!" to the world. We're so glad that by Christmas this year we'll have another hijita in our house. I have to say I love spending my days with my little girl by my side, although she's just turned 3 so she'll be starting pre-school next month. Sniff, sniff. I already know it's going to be waaaaay harder for me to detach than it will be for her. But I suppose I should enjoy the little break, because in a few months it'll be back to the beginning with a brand-new baby.

My first trimester was pretty awful. No serious complications, just 24-7 nausea that left me feeling beat down and wanting to spend my days under a rock in a dark cave. Mother's Day brunch did not end well for me, let's just say that much. But once the second trimester rolled around the veil lifted and I felt like I could do backflips up and down the street. It's amazing how your body just adjusts to all the changes happening and suddenly, you feel great again.

Now that's I'm past the half-way mark I'm starting to get excited about nesting. My heart melts when I see little onesies or infant-sized diapers. I remember when K was born, I'd look at the 12 months dresses and onesies hanging in her closet and they looked so huge to me, and it felt like it would be ages before she fit into 2T. Well, she's past that point, and I just don't know where time went. Enjoy your babies when they're babies. Enjoy your toddlers when they're toddlers. Savor each and every moment, every single mundane day, because one day you'll miss it. I remind myself of that every day and honestly, it makes me pretty happy to live in the moment.

So yes, it's a girl! My poor husband will be outnumbered by a long shot now - we also have two girl dogs. Pobre, but the three (K included) of us are just as thrilled and happy as can be. And as for our other baby,, well, this just means we'll have plenty of fresh inspiration with this baby!