Favorite Finds: Taxidermied and Mounted Piñatas August 07 2012

Piñata Taxidermy on Etsy.com

Truth be told, I think I have much more fun shopping online than I do in real person. Mostly, it's because I love stumbling upon the unexpected, which is more likely to happen in the black hole of the Internet than in a chain retail store. Don't get me wrong, I loooove classic and nostalgic things, like oxford shoes or smocked dresses for baby girls, but I get the greatest pleasure and kick out of seeing a clever twist on something classic. 

I'm always coming across the coolest things on Etsy.com and via Pinterest, and I thought I'd start a weekly blog post series called 'Favorite Finds' to showcase some of these things. Most of these are pinned on our Dos Borreguitas Pinterest boards, too. I started DosBorreguitas.com originally as a blog where I could post cool baby and kids finds with a Latino or bilngual twist. That led to tons of ideas and eventually, taking a leap and turning Dos Borreguitas into an online shop specializing in cool T-shirts and onesies for the Spanglish aficionados out there. Anyway, this blog feature goes back to Dos Borreguitas' roots of featuring fun Latino-inspired kids finds from the web. 

Taxidermied Piñatas

When I first saw these mounted piñata heads pictured above on Etsy.com, I was soooo excited (thrileada!). Maybe it's because I grew up in South Texas in deer country and seeing taxidermied animals just gives me a warm fuzzy home feeling. But I much, much prefer to see an adorable unicorn piñata head mounted on the wall than poor Bambi's father. Here's a blog post on how one of these mounted piñata heads would look in a nursery. Adorable! 

Plush Unicorn from Cherrybox Studios

I think the coolest part is that you can send this Etsy shop the piñata head from your kids' birthday party (and let's face it, at the end of the massacre that's all that's left hanging from the rope) and they'll mount it and attach a brass plate with the party information on it. I looooove this idea. These would be perfect wall decorations for a playroom. Maybe for K's next birthday. She already has a taxidermied plush unicorn in her bedroom, which I bought from Cherrybox Studios at a crafts show a few years ago. The Plushkill Forest series they have is a bit edgy to be hanging above a kids toddler bed, but it looks awesome and is definitely one of my favorite finds for her bedroom. Adding a taxidermied piñata head would go right with our theme.

Do you have a Favorite Find for your kids that is Latino-inspired? Let me know in the comments below so I can feature it!