Dos Borreguitas Blog

Mimicking Animal Sounds in Different Languages January 25 2012

My dogs understand Spanglish, especially when I say "ya!" But what language do they speak? I always love asking friends from other countries to tell me the sounds animals in their country make, or rather, how they mimic the sounds they make. Onomatopoeia -- remember that old school word from elementary. It's when a word mimics the sound it describes. Like woof, burp, honk or splash. There's an awesome website that was...

The Search for Pre-School: Two-Way Bilingual or Not? January 13 2012

I knew this moment would come sooner rather than later. My daughter is not yet three and I'm already drowning in information about which schools to apply to for next year. Public school is the only real option for us, so it's a regular public school or a public charter school. So why apply at 3? Well, many of the good programs start out at three, so if I don't...

She's Starting to Talk--in Spanglish August 29 2010

So it's finally happening -- the moment when baby K transitions from gibberish every now and again to having what seem like full-on gibberish conversations with inflection, with a few real words interspersed between. She points to her cup and says agua when she's thirsty. And says apple for apple, banana, nectarine or any fruit, really. I've been listening closely to the gibberish and inflections, and wondering what its going...
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