Dos Borreguitas Blog

Gimme La Leche! She's Serious. August 17 2010

One of my good friends got baby K this bib that says "Gimme la leche!" as a gift. I don't know who's more serious here though--baby K or her abuelo. This is when she was about five months old, when drinking her lechita every two hours was serious business. Like clockwork. I like that this bib is simple, kinda gave non-verbal baby K some attitude, and importantly, that it is absorbent....

Loteria Burpcloth: Makes Wiping Baby Babas Stylish August 08 2010

For the most part I stuck with plain old cloth diapers to use as burpcloths when baby K was so born because she went through them like crazy and I wasn't exactly trying to impress my two dogs at home with a fashionable spit rag draped over my shoulder (they were more interested in licking off the spit anyway). But, pulling a nasty yellowed burpcloth out at a restaurant or...
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