Dos Borreguitas Blog

First Visit to Santa November 30 2011

Yesterday was a rite of passage for the toddler: her first visit to a mall Santa. My mom and I took her, and I turned to my mom at one point and asked if we, meaning me and my three brothers, ever went to see Santa, because if I had I don't remember and she answered in four words: "I had four kids." Okay, fair enough. Plus, the nearest mall...

Spanglish Holiday Mix-Tape November 28 2011

Our holidays have always been a mix of culture and traditions, but they're blended so well that it's sometimes hard to separate where one ends and the other begins. We eat tamales (de venado), with ketchup. Yep, ketchup (it's a habit leftover from childhood). We drink Abuelita hot chocolate. We make lots of fudge. We wait and wait and wait until we hear Last Christmas by Wham! play in some...

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is Up November 27 2011

We decided to go "green" again this year and spare the life of a Christmas tree by putting up our little artificial one. Well, it's not so little. It's medium-sized, I'd say. But it fits perfectly into our smaller (than in Texas, for sure) Northeast-style house. The toddler reveled in all the decorations and re-arranged about half of the ones I hung up. I knew this would happen, which is...

May These Batteries Die Out Soon November 27 2011

We are just three days post-Thanksgiving and a whole month away from Christmas and this Jingle Bells-singing snowman and his dog are already driving me crazy. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. I may just have to sell it on Amazon (who knew they could go for nearly $90!).

The Year the Grinch Stole Our Christmas. And the Day the Kid Stole My Purse. November 29 2010

I was sitting at the bus stop outside the Metro tonight, the last leg on my daily commute home from work, when I started with the flashbacks. The first was of something that happened two years ago. I was six months pregnant at the time, and it was dark and cold outside as I waited for my husband to pick me up from this same spot. I was tired, so...

Baby, It's Cold Outside! November 27 2010

No black Friday shopping for me yesterday. Instead, I took the toddler to play with a friend and have lunch, then we came home and put up the tree. With the husband recovering from surgery on his collar bone, I didn't even attempt to be all supermom and go out and buy a real tree, throw it up on top on the minivan and tie it down on my own....
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