Dos Borreguitas Blog

¡Mucha Lucha! December 27 2010

I saw these ¡Mucha Lucha! plush dolls last week in downtown Laredo at a toy store called BB Toys -- written in the same font as Toys 'R Us. Yeah, so I was thinking ooh, **deal** if it's a rip off store. It was two days before Christmas, crazy crowded and a madhouse in there -- probably because a lot of shoppers just aren't crossing the border nowadays because of...

It's a Boy! Javier Doll Joins the Singing Baby Abuelita Family October 27 2010

We really like the Baby Abuelita doll series in our house -- and I've written about them here. The toddler has Baby Andrea and Abuelito Pancho. The traditional Spanish songs they sing are terrific, because lawd knows I can't carry a tune. The Baby Abuelita company has just added a little boy to their series of singing plush dolls, which up to now included abuelo, abuela and three different baby...

The Chavo and Chilindrina Conversate October 01 2010

At some point, I ran across a super cute plush doll of El Chavo del Ocho at Target online, but it seems to have disappeared. Or else, it was just a limited-run type of deal. I got these Chavo and Chilindrina runner-up dolls in a tendajito in downtown Los Angeles, and yup, they're pretty fugly. I mean, they're kind of endearing, but they're those knock-off dolls that have that not-quite-right...
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