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Great Bilingual and Spanish Children's Gifts From Etsy November 23 2010

Just a few days before the holiday shopping hell fun begins. Joy! Actually, I like shopping, but I usually do better online or in focused stores (Sephora) or boutiques. I feel totally overwhelmed every time I step into catch-all stores like Target or Wal-mart, or even Macy's or Marshalls, because I feel pressure to get through every department and not linger too long in any one. OMG, and Ikea --...

I **Heart** Crafty Bastards and Etsy October 04 2010

I am a sucker for DIY. Once in a while, I'll dig out my crafting crap from the basement and give it a whirl. It's all those specialized tools I bought at Michael's -- that in the store I was totally convinced I needed -- but have no idea how to use mostly because I'm not patient enough to follow written directions. Oh yeah, I also have a pretty sweet...
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