Dos Borreguitas Blog

Circus Birthday Party and the Search for a Lion Piñata July 19 2012

  Our daughter just celebrated her third birthday (sniff, sniff), and since we were going to be in Texas this month visiting family we decided to throw her a little family fiesta, with a big ole piñata, por supuesto. I always prefer general themes, versus character-centered birthday parties, because they're so much fun to put together. Last year we made her a pink cowgirl birthday party, haystacks and cowboy hats...

A Very Vaquera 2nd Birthday July 11 2011

The toddler K loves horsies, can't get enough of them on the carousel at the National Mall, or the bouncing one she has in the living room, or seeing them in her picture books or pulling a princess' carriage. They're her favorite--except when they're real. Then they totally freak her stuff out. Literally, like she's clawing away at you to get her the hell away from them. But no matter,...
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