Dos Borreguitas Blog

Lucha Libre Masks -- For the Kids or Days When You Don't Feel Like Putting on Make-Up September 16 2010

Yes, there are days when I feel like grabbing one of these and wearing it into the office. So much easier than make-up and fixing the hair. I've mentioned here before my fascination with lucha libre and the idea of masking your true identity, as the luchadores do with their fantastic mascaras. The masks are like a second skin, and the way it works is that if a luchador loses...

¡BINGLéS! -- The Two-Way Bilingual Loteria Game August 21 2010

I know if I were to give this game to baby K she'd just end up chewing on it and spitting it out. I thought she was over the stage where she has to lick everything she comes in contact with, but no, no, not yet. ¡BINGLéS! is billed as a game based on Loteria for Spanish-speakers to learn English. It teaches the pronunciation--the myu-zi-shan. The gua-ter-me-lon. There's different activities...
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