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Michelle Obama Says I Have to Put Myself First, So I'm Gonna Zumba January 27 2012

Late last year, I watched an interview with Michelle Obama and the president where she said she puts herself first on her priority list. Mrs. Obama said it wasn't a selfish thing to do, it was the practical thing to do. She said she wanted to model for her girls, and other moms, that you have to invest in yourself as much as you invest in others, and that includes...

So Lucky to Have Abuelos Around November 05 2010

I'm away from home again, this time at a conference for work that is fully across the country -- actually, in the O.C. (Orange County). I always miss my little one terribly when I have to travel for work, but I know I am so, so, so, so, so soooooooo fortunate to have my mother take care of my daughter while the husband and I work, or travel for work....
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