Dos Borreguitas Blog

Latino Foods Getting Lost Through the Generations February 01 2012

We're adventurous eaters in my house, and I'm definitely a fan of savory international street food, a la Anthony Bourdain. But the less I know about where it really came from, the better. Maybe that's the problem with me and certain Latino home-cooked foods. I know exactly where it came from. In particular, I'm talking about lengua de res, or tacos de lengua, or pretty much anything neck-up from a...

Five Ways to Latinofy the Holidays December 11 2011

If you have little ones and want to expose them to a little bit of Latino culture, here's a few ways to Latinofy the holidays. 5. Abuelita Hot Chocolate:  These cinnamon-infused chocolate tablets make the best hot chocolate during Christmas time. I just break up the big piece of chocolate -- which is not easy to do -- and then I put the smaller pieces in the blender to really...

Giveaway at December 06 2011

  There are so many great blogs out there about parenting, babies, children, culture and just life, and one of my favorites -- because it has a little bit of all of these categories -- is Culture Mami. Marcela, a Latina who was born in El Salvador, is a working mom who is doing a fabulous job of sharing all the richness of Latino culture with her children. I love...
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