Dos Borreguitas Blog

On This Day, Walter Mercado Wants You to Know ... October 08 2010

Forget about all those Facebook "On this day, God wants you to know" updates from your friends that keep popping up in your status updates. Walter Mercado -- in all his lionish and gilded robe glory -- had that market cornered a looooong time ago. No one can transfix a television-viewing audience like la Walter. I mean, he could totally be a tranny character in an Almodovar movie, but in a...

Vick's VapoRub Makes It All Better September 22 2010

I've spent the past two days in bed, knocked out by a stomach flu that first hit the toddler K -- who pulled a Reagan with her projectile bleu cheese-smelling puke in bed on Sunday morning -- then my mother, and then the husband, then me. It was all nausea, throwing up, fever and chills yesterday, and just the low-grade fever and aches today. Those body aches are the worst,...
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