Dos Borreguitas Blog

My Family's Official Feliz Navidad Card December 21 2011

I didn't get around to ordering or mailing any of the toddler's "picture with Santa" Christmas cards this year, except for the three little overpriced ones I got when we took the pic, but that's what Facebook and blogs are for, right? I wrote a post earlier this month about her first encounter with Santa, and this is the final product. She was all giggles, and is so happy.  It's...

First Visit to Santa November 30 2011

Yesterday was a rite of passage for the toddler: her first visit to a mall Santa. My mom and I took her, and I turned to my mom at one point and asked if we, meaning me and my three brothers, ever went to see Santa, because if I had I don't remember and she answered in four words: "I had four kids." Okay, fair enough. Plus, the nearest mall...
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