Dos Borreguitas Blog

When a Flor isn't just a Flor (it's a Rosa, Tulipan, Jacinto, Peonia) January 25 2012

  I literally went on a binge for baby books in Spanish last year when we visited Madrid, Spain. One of my picks was not quite a baby book, but given that my Spanglish is probably better than my Spanish, I figured it would come in handy as my daughter grew up -- for both me and her. It's the Album Larousse de la Naturaleza and it's a nature book...

Spanglish Holiday Mix-Tape November 28 2011

Our holidays have always been a mix of culture and traditions, but they're blended so well that it's sometimes hard to separate where one ends and the other begins. We eat tamales (de venado), with ketchup. Yep, ketchup (it's a habit leftover from childhood). We drink Abuelita hot chocolate. We make lots of fudge. We wait and wait and wait until we hear Last Christmas by Wham! play in some...

Bunch of Animals August 06 2011

I grew up with three brothers -- so that makes us four siblings, and we were all born with a 5 year 3 month window. Like nesting dolls. So growing up, that meant natural selection was in full effect at our house. Or better explained, if you weren't the first one to get to the box of Fruity Pebbles you were going to miss out because whoever got to it...

'Los Doyers' Trademark Means Spanglish May Soon Become Official U.S. Language September 07 2010

The Los Angeles Dodgers owners have officially trademarked 'Los Doyers' -- which I say is a total nod to the huge Spanish-speaking population in LA, and a score for the Spanglish language. VinScullyIsMyHomeboy was the first to take note last week of the corporatization of the name, and turns out he was right on: I saw something at Dodger Stadium last Wednesday that I had never seen before. Heck, maybe I'm...
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