Dos Borreguitas Blog

The T-Shirt for Children Who Act Badly September 13 2010

Cabronsito! It's what you want to say when the little Frito (or Sabritas) bandito starts talking back, giving attitude or acting out. Forget timeout. Just put this shirt on them! Or not. I don't know -- I'm back and forth on this one. I think it's kind of a strong word for a kids shirt, even if when you say it in a kidding way and make it diminutive. Is...

UPDATE: Chavo and Chilindrina Shirts in the Hooooouuuuse! August 25 2010

Latin Lingo just let me know that they've just put up their blue Chavo and Chilindrina shirt for sale on their website. Coolness. I did a post a few weeks ago of baby K wearing it. I bought it in the company's store in San Jose, but couldn't find it online. Until Now! In the meantime, last week when I was in Los Angeles I hit up--at the suggestion of...
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