Dos Borreguitas Blog

Taqueria Picture Menu: They All Look The Same January 27 2012

  We went out as a family tonight to get tacos. It was a new spot that some friends recommended. It was totally in the boonies on some narrow, hidden street, so we figured it must be good. When we got there, the parking lot was full. No, it must be awesome. And then we walked in, and the first thing I see is this huge lighted picture menu that...

Chido in New York City August 23 2011

It always amazes me how much life and energy New York City packs into that tiny island. It's a city that moves, that's always ON, where people of all stripes get their hustle on every single day. It's easy to see how people get sucked into the city and just never leave, even when kids come into the picture. It's home to more than half a million children under 5...
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