Dos Borreguitas Blog

Dear Santa -- Bring Batteries For All Those Comatose Toys Lying Around December 07 2010

I'm thinking of sending the Big Man in the Red Suit this letter: Yo, Santa: I would like several boxes of batteries for Christmas for all those comatose toys we have lying around. See, the husband loves to buy toys for the toddler that use batteries to dance, sing, light up or do general foolishness. It's probably a guy thing. I try to avoid them as much as possible because...

The Bouncy, Inflatable Burro December 05 2010

  My Mexican eyes deceived me today. When I first saw this inflatable, bouncy horse (and I am just realizing its a horse as I Google it), I totally thought it was a cute little burro. It does look like a burrito, right, with its short legs and big ears? Hello! I'm not the only one that sees burro pinata, right? See the resemblance: This little inflatable burro belonged to the...

Mimi La Gusanita Dice: Mueve el Culito! October 29 2010

Mimi la Pequena Gusanita tells your child: Mueve tu Culito!

Sophie the Giraffe: Best Teether and Baby Gift Ever September 27 2010

The little one was a slobbery five months old when her madrina gave her Sophie la Girafe as a gift. Unlike the other  plastic teethers that hang off the cold metal hooks at Target or Wal-mart, Sophie is very sophisticated. She comes in a box, and she was born in France in 1961. Ooh, la la!! But now she's a big international sensation among the under 12 month crowd. There's something about...

She's Starting to Talk--in Spanglish August 29 2010

So it's finally happening -- the moment when baby K transitions from gibberish every now and again to having what seem like full-on gibberish conversations with inflection, with a few real words interspersed between. She points to her cup and says agua when she's thirsty. And says apple for apple, banana, nectarine or any fruit, really. I've been listening closely to the gibberish and inflections, and wondering what its going...
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