Babel Animalitos - Toddler T-shirt


This cool and unique t-shirt for toddlers is based on something bilingual speakers know: that the dog says woof and the perrito dice guau guau. Que? Well, as the biblical story about the city of Babel and its tower go, humans once spoke just one language. But then they decided they would attempt to build a a tower that would reach into heaven. And that's why the Big Man scattered them around the Earth and made them speak different languages. That's why we speak English, Spanish and even Spanglish. And well, our perritos, gatitos and pollitos also speak different languages, too, no? Available in pink and blue.
All of our unique designs are printed on superior-quality onesies and T-shirts for maximum softness.

2T - 30-33 lbs. - 32"-35"

4T - 36-40 lbs. - 38"-40"


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