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Hola, and thanks for stopping by DosBorreguitas.com, the coolest Latino kids fashion store on the web. We feature bilingual and bicultural T-shirts for the whole family. The name, which means two little lambs, is a nod to the two sides in us: the black sheep and white sheep; the football and fútbol aficionado; the pan dulce and red velvet cupcake lover; and the bilingual, bicultural American-Latino. At Dos Borreguitas, we are all about celebrating the wonderful melding of our two worlds, and sharing this Spanglish style with our chiquitos.

Dos Borreguitas originally started as a blog about the hunt for cool, Latino-inspired children’s products with a bilingual or bicultural twist.

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And if you still want to know more ...

Where do your designs come from?

We draw our creativity from our everyday experiences, as well as from those things in our culture that make us nostalgic. But we want our shirt designs to go beyond the obvious cliches or stereotypes about Latino culture. We like to think that our shirts are talkers, meaning they aren't totally obvious and can spark an interesting conversation. Actually, they’re a fantastic way to teach all kids about Latino culture and the Spanish language. 

But I’m not Latino.

Dos Borreguitas isn’t just for Latinos. It’s for everyone and anyone who appreciates growing up in a multilingual and multicultural world and wants to pass that on to the children in their lives. In truth, our own lives are influenced by so much more than just two cultures, but our roots and our passions are Latino and American. And our languages are Spanish, English and Spanglish. Also, we think the whimsy and wonder of our designs are universal.


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